The Uplands of Southwest Wisconsin

Fisher King Winery

A production winery located next to the popular Duluth Trading Company store in downtown Mount Horeb, Fisher King Winery will open its doors for business on Friday, September 2, 2011. The winery will offer hand-crafted, artisan wines of premium quality that showcase the full potential of Midwest wine craft.

Created in small batches, Fisher King uses labor intensive hand-methods to both harvest the grapes and transform them into a delightful palette of red and white varietal wines. Fisher King Winery pays meticulous attention to winemaking detail and is able to bring forth the very best flavor characteristics of grapes harvested locally and from around the region.

The Winery is releasing six new wines in September - one red and two whites that celebrate Mount Horeb's sesquicentennial anniversary, and three other premium wines under the company's Chalice label.

Hours of operation through December 2011 are Tuesday - Thursday 1 - 7 PM, Friday & Saturday 11 - 7 PM, Sunday 11 - 3 PM; closed Monday.

Fisher King Winery

102 West Main Street Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Phone: 608-437-6020