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More Trolls Along the Trollway

The year 2003 saw the addition of two new members of Mount Horeb's Trollway community.

"Tootsie, The Tooth Fairy Troll" (3) resides in front of Family Dental Care, while the "The Tricycle Troll" (10) rides his wheels across the street from the Military Ridge State Park Trail Cy Wittrock Memorial Building.

Having sprung forth from the mind of Master Troll Sculptor and Artist Michael J. Feeney, they represent a welcome and long overdue increase in Mount Horeb's troll family population. Why the long wait? Feeney, who operates out of his Wooden Chicken Studio, has had his plate full with other projects, including a massive wall mural at the Mount Horeb Intermediate Center School. While he is justifiably well known for his carvings along the Trollway, Feeney creates art in a number of different mediums, and simply did not have the time to get more wood carvings done even though the public clamored for more!

Fortunately, the beginning of 2003 provided a time frame in which he could create and carve the two latest photo opportunities in Mount Horeb.

So what's next for Mount Horeb's famed maestro of the mallet and chainsaw? Feeney isn't saying for sure, so we'll all just have to wait and see!

"Tootsie, The Tooth Fairy Troll", located in front of Family Dental Care, is a real sweetheart. Hoisting her magic wand high above her head, she'll reward those that take care of their teeth (note the change squirter on her belt). She comes from a long line of tooth fairies, who make it their family business to root out rotten teeth and encourage good dental hygiene. But we're suspicious, given her features, that somewhere along the line some troll blood got into the lineage!

"The Tricycle Troll" is a good natured fellow, but watch out for him as you ride along the Military Ridge State Park Trail! Not having the best eyesight (note his thick bottle bottom glasses), this poor troll has lost his driver's license. He was forced to use a bicycle, but still got into so many crashes (note the frying pan helmet on his noggin), that local law enforcement authorities restricted his transportation on wheels to a tricycle! So now all the other residents along the Trollway watch him and shake their heads as he "Tries" to "Cycle" his way around town!