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Test your Culinary IQ in New Glarus!

SCHNITZEL - A breaded cutlet that is pan-fried and can be pork or veal.

ROESTI - The Swiss version of hash browns, made with onions and Swiss cheese.

KALBERWURST - A flavorful Swiss veal sausage, smooth texture and mild taste.

LANDJAEGERS - A seasoned dried meat stick similar to beef jerky.

BIENENSTICH - A sweet dough with a honey, almond glaze and a Bavarian cream filling.

SPAETZLE - A tasty Swiss dumpling that is boiled and then pan-fried.

BRATZELI - A wafer thin butter cookie made on a special iron.

FASTNACHT KUECHLI - A rich pie crust pastry that the locales call “knee patches.”

WEISS BEER - A beer made with wheat instead of barley like New Glarus Solstice Beer.

REINHEITSGEBROT - The New Glarus Brewing Company adheres to these German puritylaws of 1516 that mandate all beer be made out of only four natural ingredients.

FONDUE - The famous national dish of Switzerland available at local restaurants or you can purchase the cheese at Maple Leaf to make it yourself at home.