The Uplands of Southwest Wisconsin

Sjölinds Chocolate House

Sjölinds (pronounced SHOO-linds) was established in June of 2006 to bring chocolate to the people. With a collection of chocolate bars from around the world, handmade confection, and european style bakery, Sjölinds is a favorite destination for those in Mount Horeb, WI and beyond. Sjölinds is a chocolate lovers paradise!

Mon-Sat: 7am-5:30pm
Sun: 8am-3pm


Now with a second location!
Sjölinds Chocolate Factory 
150 Lillehammer Lane
Mount Horeb, WI 53572 
(608) 437-2462
Hours | Mon-Sat 6:30am-5pm, Sun Closed


Sjölinds Chocolate House

219 East Main Street Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Phone: 608-437-0233