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Take A Troll Stroll

There was a time when waters were clean and forests were untouched, when ancient lands spoke of guardians of the Earth. In Scandinavian lands, these mysterious creatures were called trolls, and were known to guard what was left of the earth’s natural treasures by burying precious metals and minerals underground. Because they were rarely seen, people believed trolls no longer existed. Today, these nearly forgotten creatures are once again in our midst. Visitors to the community of Mount Horeb find fun in "Taking a stroll to find the trolls."

The area features numerous wild trolls (trollus Scandinavian-Americanus). Despite their mythical nature, these elusive creatures are often spotted by residents and visitors to the Troll Capital! The species living in downtown Mount Horeb can easily be identified by amateur troll spotters on foot, even without binoculars. The most recent locations of troll sightings are noted on the accompanying map.

Caution: As long as watchers do not interfere with their activities (such as stealing chickens) trolls are generally good-natured and will pose and grin foolishly at anyone with a camera. Please do not feed the trolls - they get all the lefse and lutefisk they can eat!

Some of the trolls carved by Master Troll sculptor Michael J. Feeney that you will meet on your stroll...

Heading west along the Trollway past Viking Plaza, between the Mound City Bank and the Military Ridge State Park Trail you will discover an industrious troll (1); this fellow’s business is named Mount Horeb Transfer and Storage. Unfortunately, he is none too bright, and ends up storing things on his back, which lessens his ability to transfer and store!

"The Gardener" (4), located by Yapp’s in the Garden Bump, is a very industrious troll. He spends his days cultivating the soil to make beautiful flowers grow, and in the spring, summer, and fall you can see the results of his toil. Rumour has it that The Gardener only recently took up this productive activity, having retired from the legal profession.

"The Tourist" (5) loves to have his picture taken, because he’ll take your picture while you take his. You’ll find him snapping photos and enjoying ice cream in front of the Healing Center.

"The Peddler" (6) is located in front of Open House Imports, and honors the first troll to come and live in Mount Horeb. For many years The Peddler had traveled from town to town selling his trollwares, and one day stumbled upon the land that would come to be known as Mount Horeb. The Peddler liked what he saw, and decided to stay. He could put down his heavy pack, along with his pal Mickey the rat, extinguish his lantern, and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

"Sweet Swill" (7) is standing in front of the Mount Horeb Welcome Center along with her pet pig, Arnold. Her parasol shields her from the hot sun as she debates with herself....should she put her money in the bank or Arnold?

"The Accordion Player" (9) (sometimes called Frankie), in front of the Mount Horeb Telephone Company, is a jolly fellow. He loves to play his squeeze box, listen to Brewers games on the radio, and has a particular fondness for apples.

Check out the troll sitting in front of Mounds View. His name is "Tub Troll" (11) and he is the cleanest troll around. Hopefully, he is washing in water and not root beer!

Little is known about the trolls, except that they never cut their hair, they love to eat all kinds of berries, and sometimes assume disguises to help humans. The presence of trolls usually indicates that gold or gem-stones are buried nearby, which is why trolls are often associated with good fortune. We hope you enjoy our family of trolls!