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Welcome to Dodgeville

Dodgeville…at the Heart of it All!

The scenic beauty which surrounds Dodgeville is a natural work of art which lies in the heart of the unglaciated, driftless area. The area is geographically comprised of rolling farmlands, rugged sandstone bluffs and graceful wooded valleys. Lakes and streams, wildflower meadows and a variety of hardwood and pine forests intertwine within the landscape. These surrounding habitats are also home to many types of wildlife, including deer and wild turkeys.

Dodgeville encourages natural beauty within its city limits as well. We have been designated as Tree City, U.S.A. which is an honor we have held since 1993. Streets lined with trees and decorated with a variety of flowers are warm and inviting to both citizens and visitors.

Our surroundings are host to almost limitless recreation opportunities. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy camping, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting, horse-back riding, rock climbing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, swimming and biking. Golfing and bowling are also two favorite pastimes in the area. For those who enjoy auto-touring, our winding country roads appeal to many and nothing tops viewing fall foliage in southwest Wisconsin.
Our central location and diverse economy offer Dodgeville the opportunity to expand and progress in its role as the mercantile center for Iowa County and southwest Wisconsin. The authentic main street with its family of quality shops is augmented by the many surrounding businesses both large and small.

As you can see, Dodgeville truly is at the heart of it all! Our historical significance offers a rich past which we, as a community, have been able to build and improve upon. Our beautiful surroundings offer a serene and natural setting for a variety of activities.

Although Dodgeville has made many substantial changes since Henry Dodge founded the city in 1827, our warm sense of community remains constant. The welcoming smiles and friendly hellos you'll notice as you make your way through the community will make you feel right at home.