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Welcome to Mineral Point

Mineral Point was founded in 1827. By 1830, Mineral Point was where the action was. Mineral Point was the County seat, lead mining center, leading metropolis of the entire area it was all happening in Mineral Point.

In 1832, this community served as general headquarters for the Black Hawk War. And it was Mineral Point where the Wisconsin Territory was born with the inauguration of Henry Dodge as the first governor.

Beginning in 1834, the community received an influx of miners from Cornwall, England. The Cornish were skilled in hard rock mining and were able to mine areas more extensively than before. They were also expert stonemasons and introduced rock houses to the area, much like their homes in England.

These humble architectural masterpieces are what gives this community the distinctive ambience that is such an attraction and inspiration for both resident and visitor alike.
Mineral Point runs the gamut of architectural styles. Examples of early log still exist, including some buildings of both rock and log. There are good examples of Federal design, Italian renaissance, and the Victorian era. Many of the homes are privately owned and are not accessible for tours. The Mineral Point guide, available through the city, suggests a tour route, and describes many of the most significant buildings and sites.

In 1848, booming and bustling Mineral Point looked forward to a bright future. A year later, word was received of California gold. In one day alone, 60 wagons left from Mineral Point for the gold fields.

Mineral Point is no longer a boom town. Mineral Point is now the center of history, preservation, art and antiques in The Uplands.

You are invited to explore Mineral Point's historic sites, restored homes, museums, inns, gift shops, antique shops and many artists studios and galleries.