Hoff Mall

101 East Main Street Mount Horeb WI 53572 Phone: 608-437-8300 Website: Visit Website

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The residents of Mount Horeb have a long-standing respect for the solid buildings that many of the village’s founders constructed. However, times change, and with changing, times come changing uses of these buildings.

The Hoff Mall once housed the village’s general store. Clothing, shoes, dry goods, dishes, and more needed items could be found. Many a child knew school was about to be back in session after a trip to the Hoff’s Shoe Department.

Now remodeled for present-day use, visitors can find an eclectic mix of shops and services in the Historic Hoff Mall. Stroll through a marketplace, stop by a salon, pick out a bridal gown, get some screen printing and embroidery done, and sample some tasty wine and delicious food!

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