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101 US Highway 18 Monfort WI 53569 United States Phone: 608-943-8283 Toll Free: 800-828-8115 Website:

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Treat yourself to a fun and flavorful experience by stopping at Rural Route 1 Popcorn on Highway 18 in Montfort. The wonderful aroma of freshly popped popcorn will greet you at the door. Inside you are able to sample, as well as purchase, many fancy ready-to-eat gourmet popcorns, like deluxe caramel with pecans, cheddar cheese, cheesy ranch and jalapeño cheese popcorn.

Experience the irresistible medley of popcorn, almonds and luscious white fudge known as K’Nuckle, as well as other fudge favorites like C.C.Winkle and Cherry CheeseCake. R.C. Snakle delectable fudge flavor features cranberries and is quite delightful.

Choose from one of their many decorative tins to fill with your favorite assortment. Rural Route 1 Popcorn also produces their own gourmet popping corn in yellow and white and offers the best tasting butter microwave popcorn around. All are available through mail order and on the internet.

The shop in Montfort also offers a chance to browse through a varied gift selection of kitchenware, kitchen gadgets, poppers, popcorn bowls, home decor, jewelry, Wisconsin books, toys, plush, greeting cards and so much more.

This unique shop truly has something for EVERYONE! There is so much to see, so come and be welcomed sip on some coffee or tea while you shop. We’ll have the popcorn ready.

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