America’s Little Switzerland in the Heart of Green County

For over 150 years, the beautiful little community of New Glarus, Wisconsin, has been a magnet for Swiss settlers. New Glarus was originally settled by a hardy band of 108 Swiss pioneers in 1845 who left the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland during an economic crisis. Since then, succeeding generations of Swiss immigrants have kept alive the community’s Swiss-German language, folk traditions, and music. This remarkable mix of old and new Swiss in New Glarus – plus an enduring dedication to preserving ties with the homeland – has made this little town in the rolling green hills of southern Wisconsin a unique place to live, work, and visit.

Every year, thousands of visitors, including hundreds of Swiss tourists, are drawn to New Glarus to enjoy the atmosphere that thrives here and nowhere else outside of Switzerland. With small town friendliness and enthusiasm, New Glarus is proud to share its Swiss heritage, its chalet-style architecture, its two fine museums, its famous ethnic festivals, and a wealth of specialty shops and restaurants serving savory Swiss food. New Glarus is also the starting point for the 23-mile long Sugar River State Recreational Trail, and New Glarus Woods State Park is less than a mile from the edge of the village. So whether your tastes run to shopping all day, polka-ing all night, hiking, biking, golfing, or paying a visit to lovingly maintained local museums you’ll find plenty to do in New Glarus. Join us. For further information call 1-800-527-6838 or check out our website,

Directions to New Glarus From…
CHICAGO: Take the NW Tollway (I-90) to Beloit, Wisconsin. Exit I-90 at Highway 81 West. Follow Hwy. 81 west to intersection of Hwy. 11. Follow 11/81 west to Monroe. Take the Monroe bypass to the New Glarus/Hwy. 69 exit. Follow Hwy. 69 north to New Glarus.
MILWAUKEE/NORTHERN WISCONSIN: Take I-90 south at Madison to the junction of I-90 and Hwy. 18 east of Madison. Follow Hwy. 18 west toward Verona. Exit on Hwy. 69 to New Glarus.

Welcome to New Glarus